6 FMX Front Terminal Battery

12V 50Ah – 200Ah

6-FMX series products is a high-capacity battery of new model. With easy usage and maintenance, it is intended for service in telecom, system, UPS, and security system, etc.The designed float charge life of the battery is 12 years.

Main Applications:

  • Telecom site
  • Outdoor base station
  • Floating operation site
  • UPS


  • Front terminal design, easy access for faster installation and maintenance
  • High power density
  • No leakage


Model Datasheet10hr Capacity(Ah,25°C)Recommended Charging CurrentInternal Resistance (fully charged)
6-FMX-50 6 FMX 50 Datasheet50Ah10A6.4mΩ
6-FMX-80 6 FMX 80 Datasheet80Ah16A5.2mΩ
6-FMX-100A 6 FMX 80 Datasheet100Ah20A5.0mΩ
6-FMX-100B 6 FMX 100B Datasheet100Ah20A5.2mΩ
6-FMX-150B 6 FMX 150B Datasheet150Ah30A4.2mΩ
6-FMX-150C 6 FMX 150C Datasheet150Ah30A3.5mΩ
6-FMX-150D 6 FMX 150D Datasheet150Ah30A4.0mΩ
6-FMX-170 6 FMX 170 Datasheet170Ah34A3.5mΩ
6-FMX-180 6 FMX 180 Datasheet180Ah36A3.5mΩ
6-FMX-190 6 FMX 190 Datasheet190Ah38A3.4mΩ
6-FMX-200 6 FMX 200 Datasheet200Ah40A3.2mΩ


Normal Voltage12V
Recommended Operating Temperature15℃~25℃
Design Life @25ºC12 Years
Self Discharge  @ 25℃ (77℉)Less than 4 % after 30 days storage
Charging Voltage ‘@25℃(77℉)Float: 2.23 V/cell Equalize: 2.35 V/cell