This product has been specially designed for IDC、UPS application with excellent high rate discharge performance, based on international advanced lead-acid technology and has been successfully used in thousands of IDC&UPS systems. With corrosion-resistant alloy materials, special grid design, proprietary additive, low-density electrolyte and advanced sealing technology, 6-GFM-H battery devotes itself to provide more stable and reliable backup power for IDC、UPS and electric system.

Main Applications : IDC & UPS

  • High power or large current application scenarios.
  • Backup power for high precision device.
  • Emergency lighting, navigation lights.

Benefits Reduce operational cost (less site area)

  • Higher energy density and rate capability.
  • Long life design for float application.
  • Reduce CO2 emission.
  • High stability and security.


Model  Datasheet Capacity Internal Resistance (full charged) Recommended Charging Current
6-GFM-85H 6-GFM-85H Datasheet 85Ah @ 10hr to 1.80V per cell @ 25℃(77℉) 3.9 mΩ @ 25℃(77℉) 12.5A
6-GFM-100H 6-GFM-100H Datasheet 100Ah @ 10hr to 1.80V per cell @ 25℃(77℉) 3.3 mΩ @ 25℃(77℉) 15A
6-GFM-150H 6-GFM-150H Datasheet 150Ah @ 10hr to 1.80V per cell @ 25℃(77℉) 2.7mΩ @ 25℃(77℉) 22.5A
6-GFM-200H 6-GFM-200H Datasheet 200Ah @ 10hr to 1.80V per cell @ 25℃(77℉) 2.6mΩ @ 25℃(77℉) 30A


Normal Voltage 12V
Recommended Operating Temperature 15℃~25℃
Terminal M8
Design Life @25ºC 10 Years
Self Discharge  @ 25℃ (77℉) Less than 8 % after 90 days storage
Charging Voltage ‘@25℃(77℉) float charge voltage:2.25V/cell at 25℃(77℉);boost charge voltage:2.35V/cell at 25℃(77℉)
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