DUCATI ACTISINE – Active harmonic filters

ActiSine measures and eliminates harmonic currents in real-time by compensating them with equal and opposed currents.

Active compensation is:

  • EFFECTIVE: its performance is independent from the network’s characteristics and dimensioning is simple and straightforward
  • RELIABLE: because it automatically and instantaneously adapts to the loads’ operation and cannot be overloaded

Technical details:

  • ActiSine combines a modular structure with the possibility of connecting up to 8 units in parallel, in order to obtain very high powers. These characteristics ensure the maximal flexibility during installation and the expandability of the system
  • Harmonics of 3rd order (and order 9th, 15th, …, 6n+3) generated by single-phase distorting loads (PCs, copying machines, electronic ballasts) add up in the neutral cables, overloading them. ActiSine is available as three-phase + neutral version, capable of e ectively canceling these harmonics
  • With its default settings ActiSine acts on all harmonics up to the 51st. The user can also set up to 12 harmonics on which to concentrate the filtering action. Moreover, ActiSine can be set to use part of its current to correct the load’s power factor and can be used together with traditional capacitor-based PFC equipment, as long as they are equipped with detuning reactors
  • The installation is simple and flexible because ActiSine is connected in parallel to the loads to be filtered and the CTs for the current measurement can be mounted up or down-stream (closed or open loop control). The startup is immediate thanks to default and automatic settings. The user interface is simple and straightforward.


General Characteristics
Rated voltage  400 V/480V
Voltage tolerance  -20 +15 %
Rated frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Insulating voltage 690 V
Ventilation Forced
Usage Indoor
Protection degree IP 30
Duty Continuous
Temperature range  -5 +40 °C
Power supply 3F o 3F + N
Cable entry Top or bottom
Color RAL 7035
Harmonic compensations From 2° to 51°
Response time < 20 ms
Standards EN 60146

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