E-ONE Inverter 48Vdc 230Vac 350VA

E-ONE Best-in-class solution

e-one is a stand-alone inverter capable of converting a 48 VDC power source into a pure sine wave of 230 VAC at 50 Hz. This inverter can deliver 350 VA / 300 W while operaing from -20 to 65°C . e-one can be easily rack, wall or desk-mounted.

E-One is a stand-alone inverter With dimensions of 1U x 230 mm x 165 mm, this very small inverter occupies just 1,600 cm³.
E-One provides a perfect AC output (pure sine wave) that lets your critical loads to work their best.

We also guarantee a very low ripple voltage compliant with the telecom standard. In practical terms, this means almost no disturbances reach your DC load or batteries; a great benefit as disturbances considerably reduce battery life. Finally, regarding reliability, the e-one inverter is based on our Y-One inverter which has an incredibly low failure rate.


E-One is the ideal solution for powering and securing telecommunication equipment (5G, WiFi repeaters, supervision, maintenance, cooling,security and access for base stations, etc.) and many others (CCTV cameras for traffic control system, police radio network, etc.).


Nominal Voltage (DC)48 V
Operating input voltage range:40 – 60 V
Nominal Current at 300W/48VDC6.86 A
Maximum input current (for 15 seconds)11 A
Power350 VA / 300 W
Cooling:Natural Cooling
Peak Efficiency DC/AC:91%
Material (casing):Aluminium & Coated steel
Display:Front LED
Alarms output / supervision:Dry contact on the rear
Remote ON / OFF:On the rear (Option)
Dimensions:165 x 230 mm
Weight:1.8 kg