FXM 350

Industrial Rack Mount AC UPS 350 VA

FXM is a line of rugged UPS power modules used worldwide in the most demanding environments where clean backup power is needed. Designed to perform in the most extreme demanding environments, FXM units ensure equipment in security, communications, traffic, industrial environments, and many other critical applications remain safe and protected from power disturbances. Thanks to its powerful programmable battery charger, the FXM is capable of providing the run time you need.

The factory installed Ethernet/SNMP card allows communication with the UPS remotely through any web browser and is capable of notifying up to four different email addresses. Outgoing notifications can be customized with selectable severity levels and triggered by events, faults and/or alarms. For optimal control and performance of your UPS system, the Ethernet/ SNMP card is powered by the UPS batteries’ DC voltage, eliminating the need for an external power source.

  • Wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) lengthens battery life by providing protection without transferring to backup mode during voltage surge or sag
  • Local and remote monitoring and control via I/O, USB and Ethernet ports  (SNMP, webpages)
  • Temperature compensated battery charging protects batteries from overcharging at extreme temperatures, extending the life of the battery
  • Each FXM power level is available in either 120V or 230V variants, both with auto frequency detection (60Hz/50Hz)

Other Smart Features Of the FXM Family Include:

  • Event and alarm logging with time and date stamping simplifies and accelerates troubleshooting
  • A wide operating temperature range of -40 to 74°C (-40 to 165°F)¹ is suitable for extreme operating environments
  • Temperature compensated battery charging protects batteries from over-charging at extreme temperatures, extending the life of the battery

¹ Power module only. Output power derates after 55°C (122°F) for FXM 350, 650 and 1100 and after 50°C (122°F) for FXM 2000 (120Vac), 55°C (230Vac).

Power Solutions For Traffic & Intelligent Transportation Systems

For over 40 years, FXM Series of rugged outdoor uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and backup power solutions have been designed by outdoor power experts to
meet the stringent requirements of the traffic industry, reliably performing in the most extreme environmental conditions, including frigid temperatures, searing desert heat, snow & salt and other environmentally harsh conditions.

By implementing battery backup/UPS solutions into your traffic networks, there is the potential to:

  • Save lives and eliminate severe accidents due to power outages
  • Sustain power to operating systems and controller electronics until utility power is restored
  • Extend life and lower repair cost up to 70% of all protected traffic electronic equipment
  • Maintain traffic flow and intersection safety
  • Reduce expenses by eliminating ghost service call-outs or expensive after-hours calls
  • Condition and regulate incoming commercial power ensuring sensitive control equipment works efficiently and experiences less damage


Operating input voltage range:Battery string voltage: ……. 24Vdc
Nominal voltage: …………… 230Vac
Frequency: …………………… 60/50Hz ±5% (auto-detection)
Voltage range (w/o transferring to battery mode): 151 to 282Vac
Current: ……………………… 2.7A
Output Voltage:Waveform: ………………….. Pure sinewave
Nominal voltage: ………… 230Vac, 24Vac
Voltage regulation: ……… ±10%
Power at 50°C: ……………. 350W/VA Total
• 24Vac: 260VA (max)
• 230Vac: 350VA (max)
Frequency …………………. Output frequency = Input frequency
Mounting19″ or 23″ rack with the addition of ears for rack mounting
Dimensions:88.14H x 342W x 198D (mm)
Weight:8.62kg (19lbs)

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