Redundancy On-line UPS

The MSII Parallel On-line UPS, is the perfect solution for mission-critical users who demand high reliability, availability and performance for critical electronic equipment and computer loads. It features double conversion True Online Technology, field-proven full Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and utilises our uniquely patented inverter control technology. The MSII Parallel On-Line UPS is a scalable system which achieves N+1 redundancy without any additional parts.

True Double Conversion On-Line Technology

Corrects power disturbances from the utility power and regenerates clean and safe AC Power. The Voltage Frequency Independent (VFI) working-mode of the UPS complies EN60240-3, European Directives for True-on-lin technology.

High Input Power Factor and Low Current THD

Provides a clean rectifier connection to the power utility. It meets industry standards for energy saving and low current harmonic pollution to the power utility and achieves up to 0.99 at input power factor as well as<5% current THD.

Energy-efficient UPS

The AC to AC efficiency of the UPS reaches up to 90% at 50% load better at larger loadings. Using the ECO mode, efficiencies of up to 97% can be achieved.


Automatically manages end of discharge voltage according to load capacity. The i-Batt function prevents deep-discharge of the built-in battery during a power failure with ultra-low load conditions.

Cold Start Function

Enables users to turn on the UPS without connecting to the mains.

Communication Capability

The UPS has monitoring/shutdown software as standard. The software not only allows the control of the UPS and its scheduled shutdown when the utility power fails, but also allows the user to:

  • Remotely test the major operating functions of the UPS
  • Communicate via SNMP/WEB
  • Access UPS functions via the WEB


MSII4500 4500 160~280Vac Single, Line + Neutral + Ground
MSII6000 6000 160~280Vac Single, Line + Neutral + Ground
MSII8000/8000P 8000 160~280Vac (1Φ) / 277 – 485Vac (3Φ)** Single, Line + Neutral + Ground;
Three, R, S, T + Neutral + Ground
MSII10000/10000P 10000 160~280Vac (1Φ) / 277 – 485Vac (3Φ)** Single, Line + Neutral + Ground;
Three, R, S, T + Neutral + Ground


Voltage (See series table)
Frequency 45 ~ 65 Hz
Phase (See series table)
Power Factor Up to 0.99 at Linear Load
Voltage 200/208/220/230/240Vac Selectable(208/120Vac optional)
Frequency (Battery Mode) ±1Hz or ±3Hz (Selectable)
Current Crest Ratio 3:1
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Time (AC to DC) 0 ms
Efficiency 90% (Line mode)
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