DC/DC Converter: 1500W

The BAP1K5 Series DC/DC converter is a mature design product, with a proven track record in many applications over two decades and designed for a wide range of industrial applications.The unit is equipped with reverse polarity protection on the input, surge protection and input & output filtering. Optional ruggedizing & conformal coating is available, for immunity to shock, vibration, humidity, moisture, dust and insects. In addition, a range of options are available, allowing customers total flexibility to specify a unit that is specific to their application.

Main Features

  • Input Voltage 24VDC ( 21 ~ 30 ) 48VDC ( 42 ~ 60 ) 120VDC ( 105 ~ 145 ) Other voltages on request
  • Any output from 24vdc ~ 125vdc possible
  • Up to 1500 watts output power
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • MTBF > 130,000hrs
  • Specials output voltage options
  • Any output from 24vdc ~ 125vdc possible
  • N+1 Redundancy Applications – option
  • Output DC Fail alarm -Option
  • Battery Charging applications – Option
  • High quality for industrial applications


Operating input voltage range 24VDC   ( 21-30 )
48VDC   ( 42-60)
120VDC ( 95-145 )
Output Power 1500W
Output Voltage See series table
Output Current See series table
Efficiency Model dependent, typically 80%
Operating Temp: 0°C to +50°C at full load.
+70ºC at 50% load.
Cooling Fan cooled
DDA non-isolated Single and Dual Output DC DC Converter 24V 12V output