The ICT  N+1 Redundant Series is the solution to your critical power needs. Multiple power modules allow you to design your site power requirements so that your loads will never lose power. With the N+1 Redundant Series design, if one power module fails, the remaining modules will seamlessly power the load and send an alarm signal. The ICT N+1 systems are manually switchable between 120 and 220 VAC input voltages and are available in 13.8 and 27.6 VDC outputvoltages.

Up to four 450 watt modules can be installed in a single chassis, providing a total of 1,350 watts with redundant protection.

What makes the ICT N+1 Redundant Series different from other solutions is the fact that ORing diodes are used to protect the remaining modules in case of a failure, and the load sharing circuitry is designed in such a way as to never put undue stress on a single module.

Standard features include 19 inch 2RU rack mount chassis, LED indicators for AC and DC status, and system monitoring outputs using a DB-style connector. Battery back-up terminals are provided for float charging an external battery. Built-in revert capability seamlessly switches the load to the battery when AC fails, ideal for communications sites.


The ICT N+1 Redundant Series uses active current sharing in order to balance the load equally across the number of power modules, increasing life expectancy. Premium high-quality power connectors are used to support the entire output current without voltage drop.
There is no internal wiring between modules or from modules to the backplane that could reduce the reliability of the system. High-quality ball bearing fans are used for extra long life.

Remote Signal Circuitry

The ICT N+1 Redundant Series incorporates a DB-25 connector that provides AC and DC power status signals, alarms for fan failure, power module failure, andover-temperature conditions.

Description Of Operation

The N+1 redundant power system consists of a backplane and up to 4 modules. Each module is a 400+ watt DC power supply. They are highly efficient current mode power supplies with electronic current and voltage foldback protection.

For true N+1 operation, each module includes a redundant OR-ing diode. This diode ensures that no matter what type of failure occurs in one of the power modules, it will not affect the DC bus. Each one of these highly reliable power modules is connected through the system backplane. Through the backplane, each module is connected to create an active load sharing network. This feature forces all of the modules to share the load evenly



Model  No. of Power
Voltage Output Output Current
Output Current
ICT22012-35N 1 12VDC 34Aa 5A
ICT22012-70N 2 12VDC 34A 70A
ICT22012-100N 3 12VDC 68A 105A
ICT22012-140N 4 12VDC 90A 127A
ICT22024-35N 2 24VDC 17A 36A
ICT22024-50N 3 24VDC 34A 54A
ICT22024-70N 4 24VDC 51A 56A
(a) Single module, redundancy not available

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