19″Racks Power Systems 5000W

The PFC419F-EURO is a modular, industrial quality AC/DC power supply system with power factor corrected input. It can be built with up to five 1kW PFC419F-EH plug-in power supply modules assembled in a 4U x 19″ card-frame, delivering a maximum of 5000W or 4000W with N+1 redundancy.

Each hot insertable module has a built-in redundancy diode which allows for parallel connection and N+1 redundant operation. This feature also makes the system suitable for battery charging. This mature design has large design headroom and is rated for operation over the specified temperature range without de-rating. Each plug-in module is cooled by two high-quality built-in fans. Full electronic protection and the use of components with established reliability results in a high demonstrated MTBF confirmed by a track record in numerous applications.



Input Voltage:90 ~ 264VAC
Input ProtectionInrush current limiting , Varistor,Internal safety fuse
Output Voltage24 ~ 125V options
Efficiency:Model dependent , typically 80%
Operating Temp:0°C to +50°C at full load, +70ºC  at 50% load
CoolingEach plug-in module, built in fans
Voltage AdjustmentCustomer specified, typically 5%
RegulationLine: ±1% Load: ±2%
Output VoltageFor special voltage outputs, consult our sales deparment
AlarmVoltage Free contacts
N+1 RedundancyOutput redundancy diode for parallel operation