BR – Battery Charging System: 300W – 2500W

A complete rectifier/battery charging system, developed for powering critical DC systems. The building block of the system is our LOT65 300W or HBC419 500W plug-in rectifiers. The system can start with one 300W or 500W module and end with up to five modules (for a total of 2500W) added to the standard system. All major functions, AC Fail, Module Fail, Battery Low and Battery Disconnect are monitored by the alarm board and these alarms are available for remote monitoring via voltage-free Form C relay contacts. Options include our PFC419 rectifiers with PFC as well as a 1000W rectifier plugin module which increases the output power to 5000W in 8U x 19in Rack System.



Rectifier Model Output V Output A Power
LOT65 – 13 – Q8268 13.5V 22A 300W
LOT65 – 27 – Q8268 27.0V 12A 300W
LOT65 – 54 – Q8268 54.0V 5.5A 300W
LOT65 – 120 – Q8268 120.0V 2.5A 300W
HBC419 – 13 – Q8268 13.5V 20A 270W
HBC419 – 27 – Q8268 27.0V 18.5A 500W
HBC419 – 54 – Q8268 54.0V 9.2A 500W

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