EN54 Series 110W

12V Battery Charger for Access Control & Security Applications

The EN54 Series is a new generation / smart Power Supply that is designed to provide battery backed-up power in the event of either the PSU or the battery being disconnected or short-circuited. When the AC supply fails, the battery will automatically be connected and will provide power until the ac supply is restored.. If the battery has reached its disconnect voltage, it will automatically be disconnected to prevent deep discharge damage.

Designed for powering critical loads with battery back-up, in a wide range of industrial applications and in particular Security installations and Access Control, with separate Load and Battery Charging circuits.

A wide range of Signals, Led’s and Alarms, all aimed at providing the optimum solution for powering critical DC Loads.

An isolated Common Fault relay has been provided which will operate if any fault is found (This is a fail-safe signal so will signal a fault even if no power sources are on/connected.


Input voltage 220 – 240 Vac +/-10%
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Temperature Range 0 – 45ºC ambient (Convection cooled, cased)
Input fuse T2H 250V TR5
Input Current 1.5Arms (200Vacin, full load)
Hold-up Time 20mS (230Vacin, full load, no battery connected)
Power Factor 0.5 (230Vacin, Full load)
No Load Power 2W (230Vacin)
Start-up Less than 1.5 seconds
Output Voltage 13V8 (Factory set for operation with optional thermistor)
Output Current 8.0A
Power limit 115% +/-10%
Efficiency Up to 82% (230Vacin, Full load)
OVP 105-125% (latching and non dissipative) recycle input to restart
Short Circuit protection Hiccup mode
Signals Mails Fail, Battery O/C, Charger Loss, Battery Low
LED’s & open collector – 100mA sink, Status LED green= Flashing = OK Common Fault (Volt Free) relay
2x Customer options – open collector – 30mA Sink HiZ indication (0.2Ω)
Battery Power Fail signal = 100mS
Current limit Primary side power limit
Thermal protection Primary side thermal protection (non-latching)
Load regulation +/- 0.75% (Before OR-ing diodes)
Line regulation +/- 0.5%
Noise & ripple 0.5% (230Vacin, Full load, BW = DC – 10MHz)
Charger Current limited, 2.0A
Temp compensation Connector provided for user to add 100KΩ thermistor (ß=4400) Suitable for standby use
Deep discharge protection 10V +/-0.25V
Fuse 15A 32V mini blade, automotive

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