Genesys™ Full-Rack (GEN-1U) series

DC Programmable Power Supplies

The Genesys™ Full-Rack (GEN-1U) series of DC Programmable Power Supplies provides high power density (up to 780W/1560W) with a complete set of user-friendly interfaces within a 1U full-rack profile. It offers Output voltages from 6V (@ 100A/200A) to 600V (@ 1.3A/2.6A) and a wide-range AC Input (85-265VAC, 47/63Hz) with Active Power-Factor Correction (0.99 @ rated load).

These units can operate in either Constant-Current (CC) or Constant-Voltage (CV) mode with a user-friendly front panel interface (continuous encoders for FINE and COARSE adjustment and four-digit LED Voltage and Current meters) and provide safety features such as Safe/Auto Re-Start, Last Setting Memory and built-in protective functions (OVP, UVL, Current FOLDback, OTP and AC Low-Line).

Multiple remote programming/monitor/control methods are available including the built-in J1 Remote Analog and the RS232/RS485 Multi-Drop Remote Digital Interface (where up to 31 units may be controlled). Other Optional Remote Digital Interfaces (LAN, IEEE and USB) and Isolated Analog (5V/10V and 4-20mA) Interfaces are optional and factory installed (one per power supply). Instrument Software Drivers (NI LabView and NI LabWindows) are also available.

Parallel operation

Genesys power supplies of the same output voltage and current rating can be paralleled in master-slave configuration with automatic current sharing to increase power available.

Control via the serial communication port

The following parameters can be programmed via the serial communication port:

  1. Output voltage setting
  2. Output current setting
  3. Output voltage measurement
  4. Output on/off control
  5. Output current measurement
  6. Foldback protection setting
  7. Over-voltage protection setting and readback
  8. Under-Voltage limit setting and readback
  9. Power-supply start up mode (last setting or safe mode)


Model Output Voltage (VDC) Output Current ( A ) Output Power ( W )
GEN6-100 0~6V 0~100 600
GEN6-200 0~6V 0~200 1200
GEN8-90 0~8V 0~90 720
GEN8-180 0~8V 0~180 1440
GEN12.5-60 0~12.5V 0~60 750
GEN12.5-120 0~12.5V 0~120 1500
GEN20-38 0~20V 0~38 760
GEN20-76 0~20V 0~76 1520
GEN30-25 0~30V 0~25 750
GEN30-50 0~30V 0~50 1500
GEN40-19 0~40V 0~19 760
GEN40-38 0~40V 0~38 1520
GEN50-30 0~50V 0~30 1500
GEN60-12.5 0~60V 0~12.5 750
GEN60-25 0~60V 0~25 1500
GEN80-9.5 0~80V 0~9.5 760
GEN80-19 0~80V 0~19 1520
GEN100-7.5 0~100V 0~7.5 750
GEN100-15 0~100V 0~15 1500
GEN150-5 0~150V 0~5 750
GEN150-10 0~150V 0~10 1500
GEN300-2.5 0~300V 0~2.5 750
GEN300-5 0~300V 0~5 1500
GEN600-1.3 0~600V 0~1.3 780
GEN600-2.6 0~600V 0~2.6 1560


 Input voltage/freq. (*1)  85~265Vac continuous, 47~63Hz, single phase
Power Factor 0.99 @100/200Vac, rated output power.
EN61000-3-2,3 compliance  Complies with EN61000-3-2 class A and EN61000-3-3 at 20~100% output power.
Input current 100/200Vac 750W :10.5A / 5A, 1500W :21A / 11A
Inrush current 100/200Vac 750W :Less than 25A, 1500 W :Less than 50A
Hold-up time More than 20mS, 100Vac, at 100% load
Parallel Operation Up to 4 units in master/slave mode with single wire current balance connection
Series Operation Up to 2 units. with external diodes. 600V Max to Chassis ground
Operating temp 0~50°C, 100% load
Operating humidity 30~90% RH (non-condensing)
 Vibration MIL-810E, method 514.4, test cond. I-3.3.1. The EUT is fixed to the vibrating surface.
Shock Less than 20G, half sine, 11mSec. Unit is unpacked.

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