24VAC Input Power Supplies 75W



Model Input V Output V Output A Power W
AEC75-24S05 24VAC 5V 15A 75W
AEC75-24S12 24VAC 12V 6.3A 75W
AEC75-24S15 24VAC 15V 5.0A 75W
AEC75-24S24 24VAC 24V 3.2A 75W
AEC75-24S28 24VAC 28V 2.7A 75W
AEC75-24S48 24VAC 48V 1.6A 75W


Input Voltage:  24VAC  ( 15 ~ 34V )
Output Voltage Single: 5 ~ 48V options
Voltage Adjustment  +10% to -20%
Output Power 75 Watts
Isolation Input – Output: 2250VDC
Over Current Protection YES
Over Voltage Protection YES
Operating Temp. Typically -20ºC to +70ºC
Dimensions 140 x 90 x 40mm   200 ~ 250g
Connector Screw Terminals

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