Outdoor IP65 Power & Backup System: 1-3kW

Multidirectional Converter


Wide temperature range



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HT1KWMP is an IP65 multidirectional power converter that can power 48Vdc, 230Vac loads and charge batteries at the same time. It was specially designed and manufactured for outdoor, high-temperature, and remote applications requiring high reliability, efficiency, and compliance with military specifications for shock and vibration and electromagnetic interference (MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461).

HT1KWMP Outdoor IP65 Backup Power System

When to use:

  • When your application is exposed to harsh environmental and physical conditions such as:
    • Corrosive atmosphere (ships, hydrogen plants)
    • Heavy rain
    • Water splashes
    • Extreme dust
    • Extreme temperatures
    • High shock and vibration
    • Difficult access
  • Extreme dust
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Hight  shock and vibration
  • Difficult access

How to install:

  • Outdoor pole mounted

    • Telecom antenna
    • Security camera / speed control cameras
    • Intelligent traffic solutions
    • Offshore wind farms and oil rigs
  • Onboard wall/chassis mounted

    • Outside broadcasting
    • Transportation systems (trains, boats, etc.)
    • Military operations

Principle of Operation

Each module can supply up to 1000W on any AC, DC or combination of both AC and DC output ports. The three fully bidirectional ports (AC/AC/DC) built into each module can all function as input and output. This means you can use it to secure AC & DC loads and charge the batteries at the same time. The internal DC energy buffer dynamically distribute the power between AC and DC according the needs. No configuration is required.

HT1KWMP Multidirectional Converter


  • Optional HCTMBOX smart controller (Modbus RS485, Modbus TCP, SNMP v1, v2C and v3, HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Up to 3kW output power (using 3 modules and a junction kit)
Weight3.85 kg
Dimensions366.5 × 144 × 85.7 cm

Specifications Table

Part NumberT711730105
CoolingNatural convection
MTBF200 000 hrs (MIL-217IF)
Dielectric strength DC/AC4300 Vdc
RoHS / Material (casing)Compliant / Aluminium
Operating T° / Relative HumidityCompliant to ETSI 300-019-1-4 class 4.1E

-40°C to +70°C derating above 50°C / 0-100%

Storage T° / Relative HumidityCompliant to ETSI 300-019-2-4 class 4.1E

-40°C to +70°C / 0 to 100%

Shock & VibrationDesign for on board vehicles and ship
Altitude above sea without de-rating of power< 1500 m / derating > 1500 m – 0.8 % per 100 m / max 4000 m
AC Input Data
Nominal voltage (AC) / Current230 Vac / Max 5.4 Amps
Voltage range (AC)150 – 265 Vac (derating below 195Vac)
Brownout1000 W at 185 Vac linear decreasing
Power factor / THD> 99% / < 3%
Frequency range (selectable) / synchronization range50 Hz (range 47 – 53 Hz) / 60 Hz (range 57 – 63 Hz)
DC Input Data
DC voltage: Nominal / range48 Vdc / (40-60V)
Nominal current (at 48 Vdc and 900 W output)20 A
Maximum input current (for 15 second) / voltage ripple31 A / < 10 mV RMS
AC Output Data
Efficiency AC to AC (EPC) / DC to AC / AC to DC96% / > 93% / > 93%
Nominal voltage AC (Adjustable)230 Vac (200 – 240 Vac)
Frequency / frequency accuracy50 or 60 Hz / 0.03%
Nominal Output power1200 VA / 1000 W @ 230 Vac
Short time overload capacity150% (15 seconds)
Admissible load power factorFull power rating from 0 inductive to 0 capacitive
Total harmonic distortion (resistive load)< 3%
Load impact recovery time (10% – 90%)≤ 0.4 ms
Nominal current5.4 A @ 230 Vac
Crest factor at nominal power3 : 1 for load P.F. ≤ 0.7
Short circuit clear up capacity at AC input / On battery21 A for 20 ms
Short circuit current after >20 ms8.1 A for 15 seconds
AC output voltage stability±1% from 10% to 100% load
DC Output Data
Nominal voltage (range)53.5 Vdc (44 – 60 Vdc)
Maximum power1000 W with 230 Vac input voltage
Maximum current at 48 Vdc20 A
Reverse polarity protectionYES

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