Modular Battery Charger  24 V System Up to 70 A

The Sol Series series includes a complete range of modular 400W rectifier shelf systems to meet the needs of worldwide communications applications.
The Sol Series 400W modular systems range from a 2kW bulk power 19″ shelf with CXCI to a 1.6kW fully integrated 19″ shelf power system CXCI controller and distribution module.
The Sol Series 400 W rectifier modules feature complete hot-swappability, high efficiency with power factor correction, unique power limiting capability, and wide range input. Convection cooling and an ultra-compact design also make CXS shelf systems ideal for the communications industry.

Over Temperature Protection

Each rectifier module is protected in the event of an excessive increase in temperature due to component failure or cooling airflow blockage. During over temperature conditions, the rectifier limits the output
power as well as the output current. If temperature continues to increase, a shutdown of the rectifier is initiated. The rectifier shall restart automatically if the temperature has returned to a safe level.

Wide AC Range

A minor alarm is generated when the AC input voltage drops below specification. The unit will deliver derated output power down to 80Vac. For voltages above 277Vac, power factor and total harmonic distortion may be derated. Up to 320Vac, the rectifier will be operational and shall not suffer any damage.

AC Inrush/Transient Suppression

An external surge suppressor is not required at the AC input, modules are protected from input lightning and transient surges in accordance with IEEE/ANSI C62.41 Category B3.

Soft Start

To eliminate an instantaneous demand on the AC source, a soft start feature is employed. Soft Start, sometimes referred to as “current walk-in”, works by gradually (up to five seconds) ramping the current
limit up from zero to the actual or defined customer setting. The rectifier output voltage is ramped up from the minimum voltage to the float voltage.

CXCI HP ( controller) 

The CXC HP in-shelf controllers have a small organic LED (OLED) display. This display shows 30 characters total (five lines high, six characters wide) and the controller has three navigation buttons and one
reset button. The in-shelf display has three main operating modes: dashboard, menu and screen saver. After 20 minutes with no activity, the in-shelf controller goes into screen saver mode and the display shuts off.
From screen saver mode, press any of the three navigation buttons to re-activate the screen and enter dashboard mode.


19” Flush Mount 2RU
P/N: 030-763-20
Rectifiers: 4 x CXRC 24-400W
Controller: 1 x CXCI
Distribution: Bullet type breakers
19” Flush Mount 2RU
P/N: 030-773-20
Rectifiers: 5 x CXRC 24-400W
Controller: 1 x CXCI
Distribution: Bulk power for external distribution panel
Communication Ports
CAN: Interface to control recti ers.
Smart peripherals
Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T for TCIP/SNMP features
19 & 19/23”
Dimensions: 89H x 435W x 302D (mm)
3.5H x 17.1W x 11.9D (inches)
Weight: 6.9kg (15.5lbs)
Standard:  -40 to 50°C (-40 to 122°F)
Storage:  -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Humidity:  0 to 95% RH non-condensing
Elevation:  -500 to 3000m (-1640 to 9840ft)
Cooling: Natural or forced convection,
vertical airflow

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