48Vdc Modular Battery Charger with front accessible fuse distribution

The SOL Series High-Performance (HP) rectifiers make a proven, reliable platform even better, with significant advancements in efficiency and performance. Featuring a compact, fan-cooled design, HP rectifiers open the possibility to wider ranges of applications and immediate Op-Ex/Cap-Ex savings, reducing total cost of ownership and impact on the environment.
Designed specifically for restricted space installations, this 48Vdc power and distribution system incorporates the reliable 48V, 1.2kW Cordex rectifier modules and front accessible fuse distribution connections.
The system is a perfect solution for small 48Vdc power applications such as customer premise, xDSL, FTTx, distributed node B and microwave.
High efficiency, high-temperature operation, and a small 1RU footprint make the system ideal for harsh outside plant installations.
The 19″ universal rack mount power system accommodates up to three Cordex HP 48V-1.2kW rectifiers and a modular Cordex CXCM1 controller, with GMT Fuse distribution, in a compact 1RU package.


Single Shelf :19″ Shelf system, with 3 rectifier modules up to 3.6kW output power, controller and GMT fuse distribution

CXRF-HP 48-1.2 kW - Cordex Rectifiers - Up to 3.6kW 48V

Dual Shelf:19″shelf system, with (a) 4 rectifier modules up to 4.8kW output power and controller (top shelf) and (b) 5 rectifier modules up to 6.0kW output power (lower shelf).

CXRF-HP 48-1.2 kW 2RU 19" 48V Recfiers up to 4.8kW

2U Shelf:19″ shelf system, with 4 rectifier modules up to 4.8kW output power, controller and breaker/GMT fuse distribution

CXRF-HP 48-1.2kW 2RU 19" Battery charger system with 48V


Rectifier 48V 1.2kW

The Cordex CXRF-HP series of 48V 1.2kW rectifier modules

The series of 48V 1.2kW rectifier modules employ high frequency, switch mode technology featuring high power conversion efficiency. All internal semiconductor devices operate under “soft-switching” conditions and exhibit very low power loss. The reduced power loss leads to lower thermal stress on the semiconductors and thus improves reliability.
Sustaining low component temperatures is again the primary factor with meeting the three worst-case field scenarios: (1) 65°C ambient temperatures, (2) full output power, and (3) low AC input (176Vac). While meeting these specifications, Cordex rectifiers also offer roughly twice the reliability at 55°C and up to four times more at 45°C ambient temperature.




Input Voltage:
Operating: 90 to 300Vac
[See output power for power derating]
Input Current
(per module):
7.5A Maximum (176 to 300Vac)
6.0A Maximum (90 to 176Vac)
Efficiency: >93% at 240Vac Input and 40-100% load
Power output
(per module):
1200W (176 to 300Vac input)
600W (110 to 130Vac Input)
* Power de-rated linearly from 1200-600W
(176 to 130Vac input)
* Power de-rated linearly from 600-500W
(110 to 90Vac input)
Current output
(per module):
 25A@ 48Vdc (176 to 300Vac input)
12.5A @ 48Vdc (110 to 130Vac Input)
19 & 19/23”
Dimensions: 44H x 439.5W x 305D (mm)
1.75H x 17.3W x 12D (inches)
*Note: Excludes Recti er Front Handle and Optional Kydex Cover
Mounting: 19” or 23” rack, 6” o set (center),
EIA rack spacing
Shelf: 3kg (6.6lbs)
Rectifier: 1.23kgb (2.72lbs)
GMT Fuse (Load):
(7) Positions: Terminal block (#16 to #30 AWG)
(1) Position: Terminal block (#14 to #26 AWG)
Battery: ¼” on ⅝” center 2-hole lugs
AC Input: Dual IEC-60320-C20 MAIC connectors
(for use with IEC-60320-C19 female line cords)
Alarms: Terminal block (#16 to #24 AWG)
Standard:  -40 to 65°C (-40 to 149°F)
Storage:  -40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F)
Extended:  -40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F)
(de-rated output power)
Humidity:  0 to 95% RH non-condensing
Elevation:  -500 to 2800m (-1640 to 9186ft))
Cooling: Fan cooled (front to rear)
Heat Dissipation:.924 BTU hour/system max.
Safety: CSA C22.2 No 60950-1-03
CE marked
*Consult factory for certi cation status

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