NSB BLUE+ BATTERY Thin Plate Lead Carbon 37Ah – 200Ah

NorthStar products are designed to be ultra-high performance and premium quality, with a much longer lifetime than standard products. But to build batteries to such a high standard requires the latest robotic processing and manufacturing technology. That’s why we built the industry’s most technologically advanced battery manufacturing facilities in Missouri, USA.All NorthStar BLUE+ Batteries are proudly made in the USA. Our facilities are also built and run to meet the toughest possible environmental requirements, to prevent lead poisoning of the surrounding air, ground and water.

In many regions of the world, the on-grid power supply is unreliable, suffering frequent power outages every day. This means frequent recharging, severely shortening battery life. To minimise the impact of outages or use of diesel generators it is crucial to recharging batteries as quickly as possible – you never know when the next outage will be. At the same time, the cyclability of the battery needs to be exceptional, as the number of charging cycles will be greatly increased when the grid goes down.

NorthStar AGM thin plate lead-carbon technology delivers ultra-fast recharge times and more than three times as many cycles as standard AGMs, thanks to its PSOC compatibility. This not only ensures a more reliable power supply but also reduces the cost of operation.

NorthStar Battery has pushed the limits of battery design with the innovative NSB 210FT BLUE+ Battery® that delivers 10% more backup power in the same footprint as a 190FT. The NSB 210FT BLUE+ Battery® uses a unique 23” case and handle design that frees up space for more of NorthStar’s proven AGM thin plate technology, setting a new standard for high energy density 12V telecom batteries.

High modulus Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO) plastic materials designed t o withstand extended elevated operating temperature es and maintain high battery compression essential for reliable operation

– Non-halogenated, thermally sealed plastic casing
– Flame retardant (UL 94 VO) and LOI of at least 28%

Advanced 3 stage terminal design to ensure leak-free operation – brass terminals provide maximum performance



Model Datasheet 10 hr Capacity to 1.80VPC @ 25°C (77°F) Impedance (1kHz) Conductance
NSB 40FT BLUE+ NSB 40FT BLUE+ Datasheet 37Ah 3.9 1,114 S
NSB 60FT BLUE+ NSB 60FT BLUE+ Datasheet 60Ah 3 1,550 S
NSB 92FT BLUE+ NSB 92FT BLUE+ Datasheet 86Ah 2.8 1,669 S
NSB 100FT BLUE+ NSB 100FT BLUE+ Datasheet 100Ah 2.6 1,846 S
NSB 110FT BLUE+ NSB 110FT BLUE+ Datasheet 108Ah 2.4 1990 S
NSB 155FT BLUE+ NSB 155FT BLUE+ Datasheet 150Ah 2.2 2,390 S
NSB 170FT BLUE+ NSB 170FT BLUE+ Datasheet 170Ah 2.1 2380 S
NSB 190FT BLUE+ NSB 190FT BLUE+ Datasheet 183Ah 2.3 2,240 S
NSB 210FT BLUE+ NSB 210FT BLUE+ Datasheet 200Ah 2.6 2,211 S


Normal Voltage 12V
Operating temperature range  -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to 149°F)
Terminal Female M8 x 1.25
Terminal Torque 8.0 Nm (71 in-lbs) 8.0
Design Life @25ºC 12+ years at 20°C (68°F)
Maximum Charge Current No Limit
Float Voltage at 20°C (68°F) / 25°C (77°F) 2.28 / 2.27 VPC

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