OPUS INV OC0864 Modular Inverter System 6000VA

Powered by OPUS DAC0000 Inverters

OPUS Inverter Systems are robust, free convection cooled, N+1 redundant DC to AC power conversion solutions for critical infrastructure applications such as transmission and distribution substations, process industries, railway signalling and substations and telecommunications.

OPUS Inverter Systems consist of inverter modules, static bypass, manual bypass and AC load distribution. System is configurable to meet the requirements of the application. On top of 2 relay alarms, system can be connected to OPUS VIDI controller and monitored via modern communication protocols such as Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, SCADA IEC61850, SNMP and RS-232.

OC0864 800x600x490mm standard cabinet systems deliver maximum 6kVA/6kW with static bypass and manual bypass. System supports typical battery voltages 24V, 48V, 60V, 110V, 125V and 220V. Output voltage is adjustable 200-240VAC 50-60Hz. As an option system can be equipped with two DC inputs A + B to support supply of double powered critical applications. Quantity of Inverter modules and load distribution fuses are configurable to match with requirements of the application.


  • Modular 1kVA-6kVA wall-mount AC power system
  • N+1 redundancy, on-line/off-line supply modes
  • Natural convection cooling or fan versions
  • Full integration to OPUS DC power systems
  • Nominal Input voltages 24VDC, 48-60VDC, 110-125VDC, 220 VDC
  • Bypass mains input & AC output 200-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Battery connection: 1-3 MCB or Switch Fuse
  • Configurable load distribution
  • EMC ratings:
    Cabinet: EN61439-1, EN61439-2
    Inverters: EN 61000-6-1 / -2 / -3 / -4
  • Safety ratings:
    Cabinet: EN61439-1, EN61439-2
    Inverters: EN 62368-1

Series Table

Model NumberPower Level (VA)Module PositionsInput Voltage (VDC)Input Voltage (VAC)V1 Out Nom (V)Cooling
OPUS INV 24-6.0 OC0864 F6000520 – 32200 – 240200 – 240Natural Convection or Fan
OPUS INV 48/60-6.0 OC0864 F6000540 – 72200 – 240200 – 240Natural Convection or Fan
OPUS INV 110/125-6.0 OC0864 F6000588 – 150200 – 240200 – 240Natural Convection or Fan
OPUS INV 220-6.0 OC0864 F60005178 – 275200 – 240200 – 240Natural Convection or Fan

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