OPUS WRS Natural Convection Cooled Charging Rectifier Systems

Wall-Mounted Battery Charger 24V, 48V, 60V, 110V & 220V Output Voltage Options

The OPUS WRS is a natural convection cooled, wall-mounted charging rectifier system for industrial market applications. Together with batteries, it provides uninterrupted DC power for critical loads. The compact design, comprehensive monitoring features and alarm functions of the OPUS WRS DC power system make it a very cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications where high reliability and system availability are a must. The OPUS WRS Rectifier Charging System is capable of up to 1600 W output power (1100 W for 24 VDC models), and is available in 24, 48, 60, 110 and 220 VDC standard output variants.

Packaged in a wall-mounted IP21 enclosure, the OPUS WRS product line consists of the MRC rectifiers, VIDI+ I/O controller, and MCB protection for the mains, load and battery. Distribution and connections are behind the front panel.

Rectifiers & Controller


Model NumberPower Out Max (W)Input Voltage (VAC)Output Voltage Range (VDC)Output Current Max (A)
OPUS WRS 24-1100 F1100180 – 27521 – 3145.8
OPUS WRS 48-1600 F1600180 – 27542 – 5833.3
OPUS WRS 60-1600 F1600180 – 27551 – 7226.6
OPUS WRS 110-1600 F1600180 – 27597 – 13214.5
OPUS WRS 220-16001600180 – 275189 – 2657.2


AC-connectionL + N + PE
Nominal Input  voltage230 VAC
Range, full180 – 275 VAC
Range, reduced140 – 180 VAC
Frequency45 to 65 Hz
Mains terminalTerminal blocks 10 mm2
CoolingNatural convection
ProtectionIP 21
Nominal Output VoltageSee series table
Battery Connections2-pole MCB
Load connections2-pole MCB

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