PFE300SA – PFE1000FA – AC/DC Power Supplies 300W – 1008 W

For designers of equipment used in environments where fan cooling is not viable, the PFE power modules offer the obvious solution. Suitable for outdoor enclosures or liquid cooled applications, these baseplate mounted power modules accept a wide range AC input and deliver isolated, regulated voltages with power levels from 300 to 1000W. High ambient temperatures can be easily tolerated as the units can be operated with baseplate temperatures of up to 100C.

Key Market Segments & Applications

  • Bulk DC Power for DC-DC Converters & POL Converters
  • Custom Fanless Power Supplies
  • LED Signs
  • Traffic Signalling
  • Toll Equipment


Model Output (V) Output (A)  Power (W)
PFE300SA-12 12V 25A 300
PFE500SA-12 12V 33A 396
PFE500F-12 12V 42A 504
PFE1000F-12 12V 60A 720
PFE1000FA-12 12V 60A 720
PFE300SA-28 28V 10.8A 302
PFE500F-28 28V 18A 504
PFE500SA-28 28V 18A 504
PFE1000F-28 28V 36A 1008
PFE1000FA-28 28V 36A 1008
PFE300SA-48 48V 6.3A 302
PFE500F-48 48V 10.5A 504
PFE500SA-48 48V 10.5A 504
PFE1000F-48 48V 21A 1008
PFE1000FA-48 48V 21A 1008
PFE700SA-48 51V 14A 714


Dimensions: see detasheet
Input Voltage: 85-264 VAC, Derate linearly from 100% load at 90 VAC to 90% load at 85 VAC
Inrush Current (100-200VAC) 20 / 40 peak
Power Factor 0.95 minimum, meets EN61000-3-2
Efficiency: 90% typical
Storage Temperature  -40°C to +100°C
Operating Baseplate Temp.  -40°C to +100°C
Isolation Resistance Output to baseplate: 100M Ohm at 500VDC, 25°C ambient, 70%RH
Safety Certifications UL60950-1, CSA60950-1 (cUL), EN60950-1, CE mark (LVD)
Vibration (non operating) 10-55Hz (1 min sweep), constant amplitude 0.825mm (max 49m/s2), X, Y, Z 1 hour each
Cooling Conduction

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