Power Factor Controller – PFC

The new rEvolution is an innovative Power Factor Controller providing advanced functions, a wide range of measurements and various data communication solutions, all concentrated in a compact 96x96mm design. These characteristics make it ideal for PFC solutions in every type of environment and application. The various R8 models are equipped with all most common connectivity options (Bluetooth, USB, wireless radio, NFC, Ethernet, RS485), for local data exchange (setup, maintenance) and for the remote monitoring of the status / performance of the PFC unit. A clear on-screen user guide, translated into 9 languages, makes rEvolution R8 easy to use both during commissioning and during normal operation of the PFC system, with helpful tips for solving problems related to the controllers input connections, the setting of configuration parameters and in general to the voltage and current quality events detected by R8 . The large, high contrast LCD display of 128×128 pixel with white backlight has graphical capabilities in order to show data, waveforms, histograms and icons.
The advanced detection algorithms can sense on which phase the CT is installed and in which direction, automatically setting the relevant parameters to avoid common installation errors. Thanks to a powerful microprocessor, R8 calculates the real power factor from the voltage-current displacement of the fundamental harmonic at the nominal voltage, and in addition, it measures the total harmonic distortion
of voltage (THDV%) and current (THDI%) with a global spectrum up to 60th harmonic order.


Technical features
Power supply: • Rated voltage: 400 or 230 or 110 VAC
• Frequency range: DC or 45 ÷ 66 Hz
• Power consumption: 2.5 W
• Max power consumption 10 W (for the “USB ETH” model)
Voltage input: • Measuring range: 50 ÷ 525 VAC
• Accuracy: 1% ± 0.5 digit
Current input: • Current rating: 5 A (1 A programmable)
• Input consumption: <1,8 VA
• Accuracy: 1% ± 0,5 digit
Relays outputs: • Number of outputs: 8 (11 for “USB” and “BT” models)
• Maximum operating voltage NO contacts: 440 VAC
• Nominal contact rating NO/NC: AC1 6A – 250 V~, AC15 1,5A – 440 V~
Alarms: • Over-Voltage and Over-Current
• Low Voltage and Low Current
• THD V and THD I threshold
• Max Temperature with double threshold (optional): forced ventilation /
Temperature Alarm & Standby
Environment conditions: • Operating temperature: -20 ÷ 70 °C
• Storage temperature: -30 ÷ 80 °C
• Relative humidity: < 80%
• Condensation: not allowed
Enclosure: • Format: 96×96 recessed
• Protection degree: IP51 on the front – IP20 rear / terminals
• Weight: 350 g.
Compliance with standards: • IEC/EN 61010-1
• IEC/EN 61000-6-2
• IEC/ EN 61000-6-4

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