The product has many merits mainly includes integration, miniaturisation, light-weight, intelligence centralism and monitoring, maintenance and management, unattended, standardisation installation and easy operation, energy conservation, environmental protection.
Now the product has been widely used in backup power of telecommunication field such as access network equipment, far-end telephone exchange, mobile telecommunication equipment, transmission facility, satellite earth station and microwave communication equipment etc.


Model Datasheet Nominal voltage (Vdc) Nominal capacity (Ah) Maximum Load Current (A)
SDA10–4810 SDA10-4810 Datasheet 48 10 7.9
SDA10–4820 SDA10-4820 Datasheet 48 20 20
SDA10-4830 SDA10-4830 Datasheet 48 30 30
SDA10-4840 SDA10-4840 Datasheet 48 40 40
SDA10-4850 SDA10-4850 Datasheet 48 50 50
SDA10–2450 SDA10-2450 Datasheet 24 50 50


Normal Voltage 48V – 24V
Alarm and Protection Over voltage , under voltage , short circuit, overload, over current, over temperature, low temperature protection, etc.
Terminal M6

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