• Self-powered from input voltage
  • Shunt versions have better zero offset at no load
  • Current transformer version simplifies installation
  • Back lit LCD display for easy reading
  • DC input from 10.5V to 135V*
  • DC current up to 60A
  • Bi-directional current sensing
  • DIN rail mounting for enclosed versions


SR-METERUnenclosed with current transducerfor 19” subracks
SR-METERV2/SHUNTUnenclosed with current shuntfor 19” subracks
+INT-METERFitted inside PSU with current transduceroption with SR500 and SR750
+INT-METER/SHUNTFitted inside PSU with current shuntoption with SR500 and SR750
+METERV2Enclosed with current transducerstandalone DIN rail mounting
+METERV2/SHUNTEnclosed with current shuntstandalone DIN rail mounting


Inputs:10.5 to 135V DC
0 to +/- 60A DC
Voltage resolution± 1 digit or ±1%
Current ResolutionNon shunt:±0.7A
With shunt:±0.3A
Operating  temperature0 to 40° C ambient
Dimensions (enclosed version)105mm W x 90mm L  x 80mm D.
Display2x 16 character LCD