Helios Power Solutions No-Break ™ DC UPS technology represents a truly unique, comprehensive approach to providing uninterruptible and secure DC power when you need it.

No-Break ™ DC UPS systems maximise the integrity of standby battery installations, whilst optimising the life and availability of back up batteries.  They are now available with Serial and Ethernet Communications options.

 The No-Break ™ system is the ideal solution for:

  • Critical systems of 100W to 750W (and above using parallel operation)
  • Applications requiring continuous on-line monitoring of battery and charger status
  • Providing cost-effective management of your battery system investment

Other features include:

  • Ability to view power supply data remotely
  • Automatic or manually initiated battery condition testing to ensure availability of standby power
  • The battery condition test feature of the No-Break ™ DC system determines the condition of the back-up batteries and will provide an early warning of potential failure. This gives plant operators enough warning to replace the faulty batteries before they are required, like in the event of a mains power failure. Battery condition tests are mandatory on some fire alarm systems and are now commonly specified by consultants for critical industrial systems.


 Models Output (V) PSU Rated (A) Power (W)
SR100C12 13.8 7.5 100
SR100C24 27.6 3.7 100
SR100C30 34.5 2.9 100
SR100C36 41.4 2.4 100
SR100C48 55.2 1.9 100


Input 180V – 264VAC
Frecuency 45-65Hz
Fusing Input fuse & varistor
Output fuse & ECB for battery circuit
Overcurrent protection Constant current limit under overload and short circuit conditions
Isolation 1KV DC input – output / earth
Efficiency > 85%
Voltage adj. range 85 – 115% of Vout
Temp. compensation Temperature sensor on 1.7m lead with adhesive pad:  -4mV / °C / cell ±10%
Hold-up time 15 – 20 ms without batery
Alarms Mains fail (or PSU in standby mode)
Battery System OK –  alarms when battery voltage low (on mains fail) , battery missing, battery circuit wiring faulty, BCT fail (if enabled)
Alarm  relay contacts C – NO – NC full changeover rated 30VDC,2A /110VDC,0.3A/125VAC,0.5A
AC Input Connector IEC320 inlet socket
DC connections Plug-in style socket & mating screw terminal block: (max. wire 2.5mm² / way)
Dimensions 147W x 177D x 62H mm
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