SR500i – SR750i

DC UPS – No – Break ™ DC Uninterruptible Power Supply TECHNOLOGY 

Helios Power Solutions proprietary No-Break ™ DC UPS Technology represents a truly unique, comprehensive approach to providing uninterruptible and secure DC power when you need it.The system maximises the integrity of standby battery installations whilst optimising the life and availability of the backup batteries.

The No – Break ™ DC UPS intelligent system provides a vastly improved solution over the traditional methods of float charger plus battery. The battery is accurately charged with independent current limit and you cannot overload the charger or overheat the battery.

The No – Break ™ DC UPS highly efficient system is the ideal solution for:

  • Systems which require no transition from mains to battery backup
  • Applications having standing load with back up standby battery installed
  • Cost-effective management of your battery system investment
  • Mission Critical systems from 100W to 750W and above.

Critical factors in the lifetime and capacity of (lead-acid) batteries

  • Temperature compensation
  • Controlled charge current
  • Regular check up
  • Deep discharge protection

Unique additional features of the No – Break ™ DC UPS system

Battery Detection: Monitors integrity of battery circuit hourly (battery missing, open fuse/electronic breaker)

Battery Condition Test (0ption): Indicative test of battery autonomy at predetermined intervals (automated battery condition check, ideal for remote sites).

Configurable Software 

Adjustable Load 

Communications Interface Port: (Options RS485 , RS232 , Ethernet)


Model Output (V)  PSU Rated  (A) Charge
 Limit (A) *1
Recomm. Load  (A)
SR500i12 13.8 36 36 30
SR500i24 27.6 18 18 13
SR5000i30 34.5 14.5 14.5 10
SR500i36 41.4 12 12 8
SR500i48 55.2 9 9 6
SR750i12 13.8 54 54 42
SR750i24 27.6 27 27 19
SR750i30 34.5 21 21 14
SR750i36 41.4 18 18 12
SR750i48 55.2 13.5 13.5 8.5
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